This Sunday I went to highest pick in Barcelona! I could see this pick point in mountain (hill?) from where ever I went during my trip. I wasn’t sure what that is. Sometimes it was a church sometimes it was an amusement park. Today I checked it out on google and just went there as my final walking+public-transportation tour. It was both of them! A roman catholic church and an amusement park!

I walked final 45 minutes of the path up there instead of public transportation. When I reached inside the church, they had an elevator! At the elevator three young man were standing waiting for elevator. One of them asked where I am coming from. I answered Iran and you? the answer United Kingdom. The elevator came and we went inside, the elevator had an operator from church selling tickets inside (3.5€). I counted coins: 1.80€, so I reached my pocket and brought a 20€ note out. One of those guys interrupted us and said I have changes! But he paid the ticket instead of change my 20€. When we arrived, I asked: “Thank you! now how can I pay you?”. “It’s fine I am from Qatar your football team beaten us recently but it’s fine we are all from the gulf.”, he said. I laughed: “but but … I didn’t even watch that game!”.