Dear visitors,

This is Mehdi! I am a PhD candidate at the University of Gothenburg. My research is around grounded language modelling with neural networks. This website is my blog. So, I share several different things here: sometimes my work/research-related observations and thoughts, and sometimes I write up about life and pictures. :)

I am sure you can google me and see what you can find out about me on the Internet. I can also confirm that my twitter account is @mmehdig (not a robot).


  1. I googled “Mehdi Ghanimifard”, but I found “Mohammad Mehdi Ghanimifard”! is this you?
    • Yes, we are the same person! “Mohammad Mehdi” is my official birth name. People who know me call me “Mehdi”. If you are working for a bank or somewhere that I am the customer, using any of the following names are fine with me: “Mohammad Mehdi”, “Mohammad”, “Mehdi”.
  2. Do you have Facebook? Could you add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter?
    • Sure! Maybe! I only have people in my Facebook’s friends list who I have physically met. On my Twitter, I follow a mixture of professionals who I met physically, or I follow them to know about their point of view. I should thank you if you follow me on social media; hopefully, I share meaningful things online. However, I wouldn’t “follow back”.
  3. I have a question for you, how can I contact you?
    • Try that google thing again, and find my email, phone number or whatever works for you!
  4. How do you write your name in your native language?
    • My mother tongue is Persian, and I write it this way: “مهدی”. My surname is “غنیمی‌فرد”. Other names: “محمد مهدی”
  5. چرا از اول فارسی نمی‌نویسی که مخاطب‌های فارسی زبان بیشتری داشته باشی؟
    • چشم! فارسی هم در آینده می‌نویسم. وبلاگ من خیلی قدیم کامل فارسی بود. دلیل اصلی فارسی ننوشتن اینه که مخاطب‌های کاری من بیشترشان فارسی زبان نیستند.